Who is MrTrains?

You are!  This website is dedicated to the crafters, builders, makers, and artists interested in trains and model railroads.  This site is curated for your enjoyment, please explore these pages and have fun!


This web site was created to share modeling techniques and showcase model railroading. This web site was founded in 2004 and has evolved since then. Knowledge is best when shared and I hope you find this web site useful.


Model railroading is a hobby of creating, building, and running model trains. I have to thank my Dad for giving me the “railroad bug” that I enjoy today. I also have to credit the many friends I have in local train clubs and members of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) who have shown me what a great hobby Model Railroading really is. This web site presents my modeling techniques and experiences that I learned from my Dad, friends and knowledgeable NMRA members at regional and national train conventions. Many thanks for the start and nudging along of a great hobby.


Model railroading is a very rewarding hobby. Not only do you build models but you can collect and run your models when they are completed. Typically when you first dive in there is a lot to the hobby and it can be intimidating.  Go to your local hobby shop and ask to see their selection of books introducing the basic topics of model railroading, check online for videos, and great websites.  Kalmbach is a publisher with a good selection of high quality paperback books on virtually every aspect of model railroading. The best way to get started is to jump right in!


You can also get a good taste of model railroading by joining a local club.  This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn various skills from members who already have experience building model railroads.  Another great way to meet modelers in your area is to attend a National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) meeting.  The meetings are held on a regular basis during the winter months, they are generally free and open to the public.


I have been involved in the hobby of model railroading for most of my life with short breaks for college and other life events.  I am a member of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), The Northwest Trainmasters, and The Oak Park Society of Model Engineers railroad club. These groups are always looking for new modelers and if you are looking for some first hand information on model railroading, meeting other modelers is a good start. Having the chance to experience what other hobbyists have done helps me direct what I desire in a model railroad and the hobby.


I model the Chessie System Railroad as it operated in 1972 – 1980. There are three separate railroads which form the Chessie System they are: Baltimore & Ohio, Chesapeke & Ohio and Western Maryland. I have chosen HO (1/87) as my preferred scale and I currently enjoy attending conventions and model train shows with the Northwest Trainmasters modular railroad club and the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers.


I have had the opportunity to speak at several local libraries on the topic of Model Railroading.

March 15, 2004 – Dole Learning Center, 255 Agusta Blvd., Oak Park, IL. Free presentation that was open to the public. Presented by the Oak Park Society of Model Engineers train club.

November 18th, 2003 – Franklin Park Main Library, 10311 Grand Ave. Franklin Park, IL 60131, (847) 455-6016.  Contact Person: Mark Johnson

Approximately 5 people showed up for the session. Advertisement was in the monthly library newsletter. A one case display was in the lobby for 2 weeks before the show. HO scale models and 2 structures were in the display. A description was provided under Adult Education on the Franklin Park Main Library web site.

If you have any questions about model railroading please feel free to send an email.

Mark N. Goedert